David Edwin Ambrose, France - since 2010

You know your money is in good hands, and you know who those hands belong to.

Peter & Kate Constantine, Ledbury - since 2011

We were among Eugenie's first clients, having been recommended to her prior to her setting up her own business. Having had two other companies advising us previously, we can say that we are not moving again! The move into the HDA partnership has not made any difference to the friendly and competent service. We value the personal connection.

Kevin Wonnacott, Kingsbridge - since 2000

Very knowledgeable and helpful; willing to travel many miles for a meeting, and explained to me in my terms the technical stuff.

James Christopher Hughes, Exeter - since 2002

They are open, honest and I am very happy for the company to handle my financial investments and pension fund.

Steve Thomas, Bridgend - since 2006

The service from HDA is excellent. They are very professional and provide a superb personal service with clear advice and reviews that you can trust. It is always a pleasure to work with HDA and I am extremely grateful for what has been achieved in the 10+ years that we have been working together.

Martin Cullwick, Tewkesbury - since 2019

This is the first time I've dealt with a financial adviser for 20 years - I thought I could get all the advice I needed from the guys in the pub! Robin and his team have given me a full financial advice overhaul and allowed me to make investments in other options than those available in the High Street or online. They have also set up my portfolio so that I can view how my investments are performing, any time of day, or day of the week. A very friendly service, that I hope will be matched by good long-term performance.

Joan Matthews, Sutton Coldfield - since 2013

The advice I receive from HDA is excellent. They offer independent financial advice that is clear and relevant to my own financial situation. I can email or telephone anytime I have a query or a concern and they are always ready to help.

Sally Creese, Gloucester - since 1990

Robin has been our adviser for over thirty years, so we feel that we have 'grown-up' with him financially and have faith in his recommendations. It really has been reassuring to have had the same adviser for so long!

Hugh John Morgan, Cheltenham - since 1988

Robin Etherington of HDA has been guiding my finances for 30 years. He has spoken wise words at the right moments, and we face a more assured future because of them, in an uncertain world.

Nigel John McKillop, Gloucestershire - since 2013

Regular updates on my pension performance and easy access to the website allows me to monitor my pension performance on a regular basis. Sound advice and support from Robin, gives me the confidence that my pension is in the safest possible hands.

Kevin Jenkins, Worcester - since 2017

Prior to meeting Eugenie and her team, our financial planning for both investments and retirement were at best ad-hoc, and at worst non-existent. Following our meeting and a forensic examination of our finances, a proposed plan was produced which consolidated our various pensions and incomes and gave us a financial map for the future. This is reviewed annually (as a minimum). By far the most reassuring aspect of our relationship with Eugenie and her team is knowing that you can pick-up the phone at any time for advice, guidance and reassurance should the need arise.

David Ian Gilpin, Chudleigh - since 2002

Peter is a really nice guy and knows his stuff with financial products, and knows which product suits everyone's individual needs.

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