How we charge

We always aim to be fair and will give freely of our time and expertise (within reason). We want you to feel able to contact us with your queries and concerns without thinking that we will send you a bill for answering the phone or replying to an email.

Our promise to you

Our fees will always be completely transparent and will always be fully disclosed in advance. Nothing hidden, and no nasty surprises.

We make no charge for the time we spend getting to know you and gathering information. We do make a charge for our advice which will always be put to you in writing. We will agree a fee with you for our advice before we send it to you. Our fee will be payable whether or not you choose to act on our advice.

Can we afford to be generous with our time? Yes, because this is what our clients most appreciate about us. As most of our business comes via recommendation from people we’ve helped along the way, it makes sense for us to continue to do what we’re good at.

Remember that all initial consultations are without charge or obligation. We will never ‘sell’ you anything other than our service.

Full details of our charges are set out in our Terms of Business and Services & Fees document which you can download from here.

Contact us

If you have a query or would like to arrange a no-obligation consultation at our cost, please complete the form and we’ll get back to you very soon.