Are you in retirement?

We help retired people who want to work with experts who they can trust to do the right thing with their hard-earned money. Often, they want to make sure that their wealth will be passed on according to their wishes and will ask us to guide their children/grandchildren too.

How we help

We want you to enjoy your retirement and not worry about things such as long-term care or running out of money. From the outset, we’ll spend lots of time getting to know you, so we fully understand what you want from your retirement and any concerns you may have.

Once we’ve had a meeting to get to know each other, we can establish what your financial goals are for you and your family.

Once you are happy to engage with us, we’ll put together a completely bespoke financial plan, designed to help you to achieve all the things that are important to you.

We’ll recommend what you need to do about your savings, investments, pensions, insurances and estate planning (including inheritance tax) to put you in the best financial position you can be.

  • Can I continue with the lifestyle I want in retirement?

    The sooner we can implement your financial plan, the more likely you’ll achieve the retirement you want.

  • Can I afford the cost of care in my old age?

    Effective financial planning will identify the best ways to cover the cost of care.

  • How do I make sure my loved ones don’t have to pay too much tax when they inherit from me?

    Estate planning will help to ensure that your loved ones only pay as much tax as is necessary.

  • Can I afford to give money away?

    With a dedicated financial planner, you can decide how much you can afford to gift and when.

Client stories

Lester is 58 and retired a year and a half ago. He previously worked for a multinational telecoms business in IT and engineering roles. He’s married with two teenage children, one of whom is at university.

LESTER, Cheltenham

Sally and Andy have been married for 34 years. They have two grown-up sons who have now left home but live locally. Before retiring, Sally worked in IT and Andy ran his own shop.

SALLY & ANDY, Gloucestershire

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